Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I'm back on the wagon after a day of massive sickness and travel. I got home to a mailbox with a Zingerman's catalog in it. (If you don't know Zingerman's, click on the link...) Ben makes fun of me everytime I read a catalog. I try not to drool, but I always end up saying, "Ohhhh. I want that. And I want that. And that looks good!" I'd heard about Zingerman's for a few years, tried a coffeecake imported, by hand, from Ann Arbor, and last Christmas, decided to splurge.
My family was coming for Christmas. AND I had a coupon. It was obviously a sign that I needed coffeecake, peppered bacon bread, chocolate cherry bread, a chocolate bar, a bacon magnet, and a wedge of piave cheese. Mmm. That was good. But then I was on their mailing list. And the real life mailing list isn't so bad. It's tempting, but you don't get told about sales, etc. The e-mailing list? That broke me. This summer bread was on sale. Like almost as cheap as we buy it at the grocery store (including shipping) but better tasting.
The sneaker is for scale. Big box=lots o'bread.
Oh look! SO MUCH BREAD. (And some peanut butter and a coffeecake.)
This was late July, bread bagged and ready to freeze. (They provide bags and twisty ties.) What haven't we eaten? The lemon poppyseed coffeecake and chocolate sourdough. All the other bread was gone by mid September and the peanut butter disappeared last month. It's probably a good thing I don't live closer to Ann Arbor!


Reid said...

You don't have to READ the e-mails......

Katie said...

I do filter them to the flyers folder. But then they just sit there saying, "Katie. I am yummy. Look at me. Buy stuff. MMMMMM!" And I read them.

Katie said...

From Ben: "If I talked about getting a $2,500 piece of cheese I think I would get made fun of as well."