Friday, September 4, 2009

Paper Mode

Crazy Katie - Similar to Paper Mode Katie, but with weirder hair
I'm working on a CHI paper at the moment. Hence my late (2am) nights, crazy days, and lack of response on IM if you aren't Reid, Loren, or Ben. In the past five weeks I've written over 2000 lines of SQL, which isn't bad given I had written almost none prior to five weeks ago. (For those of you who aren't Reid, SQL is a a language for talking to databases and getting information out.)

The bad part is that when I'm this immersed in a project I really am THIS IMMERSED in a project. Example: Last night, when I finally went to bed around 2, I was muttering all night. About what? you may ask. Pie crust. I had to work out a sql query to find the best pie crust at the state fair and then make it. So that I could make awesome pie crust cookies. All while helping with a national election. (The election has to do with the fact that when I'm coding and don't need to think much I turn on West Wing in the background.) So yes. I'm now going certifiably nuts. It didn't help that I was also incredibly hungry all night cause I was dreaming about formulas for pie crust. I think my queries may have worked too...if only I had remembered them, but alas, no. Perhaps tonight?