Sunday, November 21, 2010

Minnesota Winter

It may still feel like fall (or summer!) in some parts of the country, but in Minnesota, it's winter. We've had a good 8 inch snowfall (which I missed and is mostly melted) and last night got a good dose of freezing rain. I'm pretty sure that I need to ramp up from my dinky skater gloves and fall coat to something more substantial, but that would mean admitting it's winter.
Granted, I love winter. This is a picture I took of downtown St. Paul the weekend I visited grad school. I think it snowed 10 inches. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.
I grew up with snow, and so if snow (and winter) don't negatively impact me, I love them. But when I'm not dressed warmly enough, or my bus is an hour late, or I can't walk on the sidewalk, I get a little bitter. I love the glow of the light on the snow and I'd much rather have snow than rain. Now if only the snow would stick...I guess we'll see what this week's storm brings :)

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