Sunday, November 28, 2010

England Food (Part 2)

I'm on a roll thinking about English food, so here's part 2.
Here's the table in our dorm kitchen. On the table are all the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies and brownies.
which were cooked in this oven. Yes. This is an oven. And a stove top. Note the size of this, it's about the size of a microwave. In addition to the tiny, tiny size, if the oven was on, both burners didn't work. Only one burner worked. Dinner parties...not an option.

Now on to eating instead of cooking:
Fish and chips in a hotel room in Scotland. I bought a bottle of ketchup at the store on my way home from the chippy. Now I want some healthy fried fish :)
I love British yogurt. This is "Luxury Yogurt." The flavor is "Spanish Oranges." Why don't we have more orange yogurt?
Water, grapes, and chicken & bacon salad. A Boots lunch special. Sandwich, drink, and a side for £3 or so. Sweet deal.
OMG. Chocolate pudding. YUM! "Layers of chocolate chip muffin, chocolate sauce, chocolate custard and chocolate mousse decorated with milk chocolate curls."
Jacket potato with sour cream and bacon (and a side of salad).
Flapjack. If you've never had one, you should make some. They are pretty awesome. Here's a fantastic recipe. (Here's the associated article about the flapjacks.)
Full crazy tea. Egg and cress sandwiches, hot cross buns, scones, clotted cream, jam, grapes, milk, juice, and cocoa. Oh. And a millionaire's bar for good measure.
A crazy, crazy burger. This is the Kiwiburger from Gourmet Burger Kitchen. "Beetroot, egg, pineapple, cheese, salad, mayo and relish. We will make a voluntary donation on your behalf of 25p which will go to help save the Kiwi in Whakatane**"
Pineapple and yogurt. Yogurt that has peaches on the side. I love this yogurt. It tastes like England. It's one of the first things I buy when I get into London. Probably another flapjack in that paper bag.
Also, diets are sad.


Simon said...

ENGLISH YOGURT IS SO GOOD. It's the best yogurt I have ever had. I would move there for the yogurt alone.

It's funny, reading these posts, I was thinking back to my recent trips, and I have a TON of pictures of food. Because I have such a nostalgiac fondness for it. Fruit 'n' Fibre! Sultana scones! UHT milk! Pret-a-Manger holiday sandwiches! I could go on, but I'm hungry now and I need a snack.

Katie said...

Why is their yogurt so good? I think it might have magical powers.

I never had fruit 'n' fibre. I love sultana scores. I don't like UHT milk. I still think your sandwiches are weird. Sometime we will go back and eat. And people think the food there sucks. So sad. More for us!