Monday, November 29, 2010

4 year olds + cameras = crazy

In 2005, I spent time at my grandparents cottage with my family, cousins, and grandparents. I loaned my digital camera to my then-four-year-old cousin and the following pictures are but a small sample of the pictures that resulted.
An interesting representation of me.
My grandmother would be mortified by this. Don't anyone show her!
My cousin's face and someone's arm.
My legs.
We could figure out where my cousin had been by what pictures were on the camera. Here's the porch door. Pretty good framing.
Back stairwell.
And the camera cord...


Simon said...

Notable fact: pictures taken by four-year-olds are VERY SIMILAR to pictures taken by inebriated males between the ages of 20-25. Frankly, the fact that one's brain can be reduced to the function of a four-year-old's while drinking is enough to make you think twice. Not that four-year-olds are dumb. They are not. For children. For the ordinary adult, however, it is a problem.

Katie said...

Haha. So true. I think we need more evidence of this from your end.