Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm headed to Kentucky for a week and am crazy doing laundry and packing, etc. Last time I was in Kentucky, I headed up to Lexington for an afternoon with friends. Lexington has horse around the city like other cities have bears or pigs or other statues. Each is decorated uniquely. So I walked around a corner and saw this horse.
Zoom in?
Yes! That is a binary horse. I did not translate what it said, but I was super psyched to seek the uber-geekiness in the bluegrass.


Simon said...

That's awesome. We have horses here, too. We also have an elephant and a giraffe and a few other random things scattered around the greater Rochester area. I don't know where this idea came from but I sorta dig it.

Katie said...

What? No consistency in animals. I am saddened by greater Rochester. But the random statues are cool, generally ;)

Reid said...

I'm not sure if these horses can compete with the Bemidji vaginal beaver.

Katie said...

Yeah I saw that last week. It is...special? Way more special than any horses in Lexington.