Thursday, November 4, 2010


Next week I'm heading to Berea for Homecoming. It's my fifth year reunion! Somehow I volunteered to give a talk and be on a panel, in addition to run/walking a 5K, singing in a choir, and hanging out with some seriously cool kids.
I haven't been to Homecoming since I graduated and I'm looking forward to it. The above picture was taken at around midnight in the campus post office (CPO). We were discussing this event earlier this year at Rachel's wedding. (She's the middle layer on the left.) We all went to the CPO to deliver Rachel's brother J's Birthday gift - tickets to Norah Jones.
This is J. He let us do his hair in undergrad. The girl he took to the Norah Jones concert is now his wife. She rocks. So we forgive him for not taking us.

Next weekend won't be anything like college, but it will be fun to relive some memories. I'm not planning to hang out on the CPO floor at midnight though... that'll have to be another time. Who else is going to homecoming?


Reid said...

I didn't know you were black in college.

Katie said...

And my name was Efe and I was about 8 inches shorter. My how grad school has changed me ;)