Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alligator Fears

Long time readers will know that I have a fear of bears. This has been previously documented on this blog. But you may not realize I also have a fear of alligators. And most other things that can kill me. I like to think of this as a healthy fear.
This is how I react to bears. Even when they are behind a fence in the zoo.
This is how I react to alligators at my elbow. Not in a zoo, but a nature preserve. There are no fences.
I have no pictures of me encountering these sorts of animals in everyday life. Most of the vicious creatures I encounter regularly are kindof like this cat below. Her name is Margaret Thatcher, Maggie for short. She can only kill birds and small rodents.
Sometimes I am blown away by the awesomeness of pictures of me pretending to be scared. If you know of a modeling career in this (e.g. victim in some horrible animal-related accident where the photoshoot requires fear and no contact with the animal) please let me know.


Simon said...

LOL. I don't think I've seen the alligator picture before. I like it. You just need one more for a lovely triptych. I would hang it on my wall.

I wasn't especially afraid of alligators (just the usual, quite rational amount) until I heard a story on a very early episode of TAL where there's a whole lot of confusion over a young boy's identity because he could have been either a kid who got kidnapped or a missing child who nobody knows what happened to. They are pretty sure now that the missing child toddled off a bridge and was eaten by an alligator (it was in Louisiana in like 1923 or something). This story filled me with extreme horror and I have loathed alligators ever since. I just thought I would share it with you because you would sympathize. It's a great episode though, I'll find it for you sometime!!

Katie said...

Yeah, I haven't posted that alligator picture before. Now I'm trying to think what I can use for the third in the triptych. Don't worry...it is coming, I just don't know when.

Also, that TAL story was scary. Animals that can eat me have always scared me, although most of my life alligators have not been an issue!

Simon said...

I am so happy you are working on this tryptich, which I just now learned to spell properly. Apologies for my previous misspelling. Apparently I was too lazy to google it. Anyway, this is exciting. I look forward to the unveiling whenever you get photographed with another terrifying animal.