Friday, November 26, 2010

Old Family Photos

In chronological order:
This is a relative, we think. We don't know who she is, but she appeared in a photo album from the early 1900s of a trip of a relative to visit other relatives in Alberta. She is, as far as we know, the only person on my mom's side of the family who looks like me. Freakishly like me.
I believe that these are my paternal grandparents. (Unlabeled pictures! Grr!) I never knew my grandfather well, but I knew my grandmother. I don't remember her as being this elegant though, which is what is throwing me off. In my life I knew them as Noni and Nono. (Yeah, Italian scholars, I know it should be Nona and Nono, but my fam lives on the wild side...)

My maternal grandparents with my mom, aunt, and uncle. This would have been their first Christmas together.
Aw! Look. It's my mom and her sister grown up a little. Yes they're twins. However did you guess? Apparently this was taken in Newfoundland where they lived for their first 3-4 years.
My dad looking all young and wearing his crazy hat, showing off my little brother. He looks awkward. It cracks me up.


Simon said...

WHOA. That unnamed relative looks so much like you that I thought it WAS you until I realized the time period was all wrong. That's sooooo strange. Also, I think your maternal grandmother looks a bit like you in that Christmas tree photo.

Last time I was at my grandmother's house we looked at old family photos, and it was creepy how far back family resemblances went. It's so weird to think that someone who died before you were even born used to look in the mirror and practically see your face. Ooh I just gave myself the shivers.

Katie said...

Doesn't she? It's crazy. I never saw me in my maternal grandmother, but I'll look through some more pictures and see what I find.

I want to see your family pictures now. I guess this is where scary movie writers get some of their ideas. Ah life. Sometimes crazier than the movies...

Rachel said...

That unnamed relative even holds her head like you! Bizarre! Also, your dad looks a lot like Anthony (a grown up Anthony not a baby one) in that picture.