Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ergonomic Changes

Recently, because of my carpal tunnel, my hand therapist had me take pictures of my posture so that she could evaluate my ergonomic situation. Here are some of the pictures I took to her.
She didn't think there were too many problems with this picture.
Not so much with this one.
So what did I change? Well. I've bought a keyboard tray, a laptop stand, a trackball, a vertical mouse, and another keyboard.
The keyboard tray hasn't been installed yet. The laptop stand is awesome and is at work, as is the trackball. The keyboard and vertical mouse are at home. Instead of a laptop stand at home, I'm propping up my laptop on several copies of Harry Potter.
Part of the idea was to decide whether I liked the vertical mouse or the trackball better. The trackball definitely wins (for me) I've been using it with my left hand and I love it. The keyboard is also something I'm enjoying. There's a way to prop it up so that it has a negative slope, which is better for my wrists. I've never had a split keyboard either but I enjoy this one.
Eventually I should also have a new desk chair at work as well, but that's something to tackle another day.

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