Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving People!

I'm heading to my parents for Thanksgiving next week. It'll be my first one in Kentucky since 2004 and Ben's coming too. My brother won't be there, but that's ok, since he'll be here for Christmas and Thanksgiving's more of a low key holiday with us anyways. I don't think all four of us have been together for Thanksgiving since he started going to school in Canada in 2003.

Anyways, I've been going through pictures, since Snapfish will give you 100 free prints if you order by midnight tonight and spend $5. I'm getting psyched about the people I'll see next week, so here they are in picture form!
Mom and Dad. Awww. Aren't they cute? Other than the fact that dad has flowers coming out of his ears?
Liz! She sings Dixe Chicks songs into mechanical pencils in the Marseille airport. I would never do anything like that. There are definitely no pictures. She's got an adorable little baby who I'll get to meet next week as well.

Rachel may appear to be Italian based on her use of gesture and her general enthusiasm, but she is, in fact, not. She does speak near fluent Romanian, or did at one time. If you were wondering, Romanian is kindof like Italian, but with "shh" sounds added in. She is always reminding me that I should call her more. I should.

Hopefully I'll get to see Mary (left) and Jessi (right). They are also goofballs, but in a good way. The five of us (Liz, Rachel, Mary, Jessi, and I) used to have annual Pearsons reunion Christmas sleepovers, but I ruined the tradition last year by my flight being cancelled. I cried. A lot :( These gals would be excellent company on a desert island. I would laugh so hard I'd cry and then I'd get dehydrated. So maybe they wouldn't be good company. I don't know. I wouldn't be board. That's for sure.

The recurring theme here seems to be humor. Sarah P. is great! I don't get to see her often, cause she's been living all over being a fantastic theater person, but in this picture she and my mom have just saved my mom's purse from being abandoned in a restaurant in Providence by my mom. Sarah was excited about the rescue. She was one of my first college friends and, along with Rachel helped me maintain sanity throughout my first semester of college. She's driving through my town and so I get to see her!!! And my dad will feed her and her boyfriend, so it will be like old times.
Margaret Thatcher isn't really that exciting, but she does live with my parents in Kentucky, contrary to the more popular belief that she lives in London, England. She likes curling up in sunny spots and on top of backpacks. She is quite cuddly, despite what the press may say.
So those are visuals of some of the people I'll see. I'll likely see many more than that, but I either don't have pictures, don't have good pictures, or don't want to get people's hopes up. If you'll be around and want to see me, give me a call, email me, or leave a comment!


Simon said...

Oh, the Iron Lady is adorable.

Katie said...

That she is. Except when she digs her claws into your legs.