Monday, November 2, 2009


Many of you have heard about my many problems with my halloween costume, so I shall show you how it turned out. This is what happens when you take a "Victorian Vampire" costume, add glue, fabric, posterboard, hot glue, other glues, foam, puffy paint, velcro, and lots and lots of hairspray...
The Queen of Hearts
Under my interpretation it was kindof a 1980s queen of hearts, but it worked. (Oh, and sadly you can't see the super shiny shoes with the puffy paint hearts on them in this picture...but they existed. Reid says they didn't go with my jeans and t-shirt at school during the day though...)
In matching the theme, Adam was the Mad Hatter (since Max, the original Mad Hatter, was sick)
Abby was Alice. She had just crossed me. If you cross the queen of hearts, you get your head chopped off with a heart scepter. It is very scary. (Side note: Abby was very domestic last week and made her apron from a bed sheet. She made the pattern from newspaper and owns a sewing machine.)
I am going to stab the camera person with my scepter because she probably crossed me! Also, Ben makes an appearance as the 5 of hearts. Sadly there are no pictures of the other side of the card. Yes, Ben actually made sure to replicate both sides of the card. Maybe I can get him to reenact his role later this week.
In this picture, the person who has crossed me is obviously Ben, because he painted the flowers the wrong color. So I am cutting out his brains, as is appropriate on Halloween. I have also replaced my smile with an intense stare meant to scare off any future offenders.

I doubt I'll be make a villainess costume anytime in the near future. I like being a heroine SO much better and the costumes seem much easier.


Simon said...

Your costume is WONDERFUL. (Yeah yeah so are all the others whatever yours is the BEST.) I am sad you will only play heroines in the future. I enjoy the fact that in every picture someone has crossed you. Hahahahahaha.

P.S. That is one mad hat on the Mad Hatter. Wow.

P.P.S. I am actually quite interested to see the other side of Ben's card.

Unknown said...

nice costume kt! it took me a minute to realize you were the queen of hearts, i was like 'why would a vampire wear a crown with little pink hearts on it?' :D so, i'm an idiot.

ALSO, all of your google adds are Migraine medicines/treatments. that made me laugh.

Unknown said...

it is NOT 4:27 PM! silly not EST clock! you need to move to a better time zone. one that isnt wrong!

Katie said...

Simon - I'm glad you like it. Maybe I will play villainesses if I can find one with an easier costume. I do like having people cross me. It makes a great excuse for bad pictures *muhahahaha*

PS. That it is.

PPS. I have informed him of this fact. He said he'd hidden information on the other side of the card, so I could take a picture of it before he shreds it. I think he's messing with me...

Sarah - Thanks! LOL. It's a vampire costume to start. I seriously felt like a vampire walking down the street. And the hearts are kindof hard to see. There's one in the middle of the back of the red neck thing, but you can't see it from this angle. If you have migraine issues you should obviously click on my ads, otherwise, I guess not. I wonder if it knows that I've started writing about migraines, but haven't published posts yet? weird.

Sarah II - Your time zone sucks. It thinks it can rule the world, but it can't so HA.