Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Life in the Dorms

I was trying to calculate some data to write another blog post and to help alleviate the boringness, I opened up hulu. I decided to watch Sesame Street's top 16 video clips and one of them was of Norah Jones which got me thinking about college and life in the dorms. Primarily because one day my friends and I decide to run a pretend radio station call-in show off our laptops and my friend Efe kept trying to "call in" during my "segment" and request Norah Jones. Only this was before I had any Norah Jones on my laptop.

Sadly, I have almost no pictures from before I got a digital camera in January 2004...

This is me with Liz, my roommate from freshman year spring on. One day we decided to curl our hair. Really really really curly. Liz had the best curlers ever. Not that we had anything to curl our hair for. I am wearing an Agriculture and Natural Resources Department t-shirt.

So we went to food service, or food circus, as we called it. We went with Mary (right) and Jessi (center). I believe that Mary had decided to wear her pants inside out. Sadly my lack of freshman photos means you are missing out on Sarah P.'s antics. I'll have to bring pictures back from Thanksgiving.

This is how much I care about you, dear readers. I will show you pictures like this. For some reason, Liz and I took pictures like this sophomore year. We used them to decorate our door. They were to demonstrate that we were crazy math majors. That is all I remember. I am being nice and not showing you Liz's picture :)

In 2004, I ventured away from Berea to the University of York. Dorm life there was MUCH different. A big part of this had to do with the fact that most students didn't live in the dorms, as well as other factors, like the co-ed dorms, nonshared bathrooms, single dorm rooms, and lack of cafeterias. Our dorm was also on a lake, so one day a bunch of the students went out fishing. Tony even caught a fish.

During the Euro Cup (soccer) at the end of June, the guys bought a wading pool, hooked up a hose to the kitchen faucet, and ran hot water into the pool to simulate a hot tub. I was encouraging them to place a tv near the window so they could be in the hot tub while watching the game, but that didn't pan out. They also had a water fight. And they're drinking beer. (Berea is a dry campus in a dry town.)

Simon was at the U of York with me and one day we used up her brownie mix and my chocolate chip cookie supplies and baked for hours. (When your oven is the size of a microwave it takes hours.) Then we fed our baking to the boys in the "hot tub." Simon made fun of me for eating raw eggs, but hey, cookie dough is yummy. My chunky laptop is playing awesome tunes.

Back at Berea, I was living with great girls and we lived in a great dorm my senior year. We even could have BOYS in the dorm in the evenings. (Ok...we could have boys in the evenings starting second semester freshman year.) What did we do with the boys? We made their hair all purdy! Example: Matt. He's posing with his girlfriend, now wife, and stylist, Mary. Awwwww!

What else do you do with boys in the dorm? Make them hang upside down from the ceiling! (This is Jesse M. We also did his hair, but you can't see it here.)

Then you play bumper cars with the rolling chairs.

Then you can be all tough and gangsta like. Because that's how we roll in James. Only not at all. Rachel's face is the giveaway. As is the King's Singers poster that I may or may not have borrowed from the UK library in the background. I guess that makes it more gangsta.

There you have it. An introduction to my weird and wacky dorm life through my limited collection of photos.


Simon said...

1. I love the picture of you being a crazy math major.

2. How is that dude hanging from the ceiling? What is he hanging from?

3. You stole a poster from the library?! LOL

4. That was a fun day, the time we made cookies. We should have done that earlier. Except that oven was SO SMALL it took hours, so I can see why we didn't. What is with the British and their miniature appliances? Fridge, okay. But oven? The biggest thing you could cook in there was a potato!

Katie said...

1. Yes. Sadly, we occasionally looked like that. And I still do. See this post for a reminder.

2. We had huge beams in the ceiling. You can see them in the next picture. They are the black things. He was hanging from those.

3. I may or may not have. It may or may not have been tucked away in the basement of the library by the bathrooms. The concert may or may not have been two weeks away. I may or may not have figured that if people didn't have their tickets already then TOUGH. (P.S. I think I snuck it out in my coat cause I felt super guilty.)

4. It really was. I am very amused at how little time we spent together there as opposed to how much time we've spent "talking" together since we've gotten back. It did take forever to make cookies though. Oh. I had friends who even had a miniature ice cube maker. Who uses mini-ice cubes? They just melt faster. I roasted chicken in the oven. And remember how only one burner would work if the oven was on. Why didn't we go to the other kitchen? Didn't they have two ovens?