Friday, November 6, 2009

Random things from the internet

It's Friday, 9pm and I haven't had dinner. Plus I'm feeling a little lazy. So for my post, I'll give you two random Obama related things I've run across today plus a bonus link. You must click through to the articles for the really amusing/interactive parts. (I am lazy, so you must do work!)

First: Obama sushi. This seems like a lot of work for sushi. Plus sushi with shrimp, black sesame, and fish paste just doesn't sound all that appetizing to me.

Second: Obama weather predictor. Want to find out what the weather is like and what you should wear? Ask (You can also get Bender, House, or Angelina to model weather appropriate clothing for you.) Using this site will also tell you if you should wear sunglasses or lean on an umbrella like a cane. Very useful stuff.

Third: Not Obama related. Completely apolitical. But science-y. If you watch The Big Bang Theory, you may be interested to know that the science consultant behind the show, physics professor David Saltzberg, runs a blog called The Big Blog Theory which goes more in depth about the science for each episode. Interesting and scientific, but aimed at a mainstream audience.


Reid said...


Katie said...

Reid - I've noticed that you generally either comment first or don't comment at all. Would you care to comment on that?

Simon said...

Wow. The Obama weather thing might just be weirder than Obama sushi.

Anne said...

I think that Reid is wanting to show us how many ways in which one can spell FIRST. I especially enjoyed today's spelling - it looks like something one might eat for breakfast.

Katie said...

Simon - Yes. It is. Obama also neglected to inform me that the proper running gear for today was a t-shirt and shorts. Oh well. He can't always be right!

Mom - Thank you for letting me know what Reid is thinking. Over Thanksgiving I think Dad should make fr23its. It may be interesting. I think it would involve eggs, bacon, and extra sharp cheddar, among other ingredients, but I could be wrong.