Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We interupt your normal program

Tonight I wrote on my neglected news blog over at kpnewsoftheday.blogspot.com instead of on this blog. I felt that I should post there, so I did that first and now it's almost midnight and I'm not very inspired to write in here.

I've gone deep into my flickr archives to bring you today's pictures. So as to not veer from the traveling path, the first picture is from Grenoble, France from a visit in spring 2004.

These next two photos were from my trip to Italy/Switzerland in June 2007. I met up with Rachel, a college friend, and we spent a few days on a goat farm in Switzerland. Since then the goat barn has burnt down :( but we will always remember that wonderful part of our vacation. (To read more see my previous posts here, here, and here) The farm was in the small village of Origlio. (See map at the end of this post)

La cabra con le cabre (The goat with the goats) - This guy was not at all camera shy.

Rachel sunburned, yet calmly overlooking the peaceful lake

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Simon said...

Oh my god the goat farm burned down?!!!

Also, you have a news blog? Did I know that? How many blogs do you have? And how many of them are you hiding from me? EH?

Katie said...

Yes. It was very sad. Lots of goats were killed. If you click on the link you can see pictures of it burning. Rach and I were quite sad because we were going to bring everyone we knew there because it was so awesome.

I will write a post clarifying my blogs issue. I am not deliberately hiding them from you, I promise.