Friday, August 15, 2008

Inside my head

Here are the things I'm thinking about/looking at today:
  • Being a food snob is one thing. Being an ice snob is something else entirely...
  • Peter Sagal had a piece on NPR today about email addiction. I understand completely where he's coming from! Although I think my fantasy email is less Justice League of America and more that someone wants to offer me a immense fellowship to travel the world or wants to put me on NPR.
  • Ben's flying in tomorrow and so we're going to spend some time in San Francisco. Just in time, this piece on "farmer's market fast food" appeared on Mark Bittman's NYTimes blog, Bitten. I think that we'll be making a stop at the Ferry Building market as well as a dim sum place. In addition, Bittman posted a recipe for Pasta with Corn, Zucchini, and Tomatoes. Personally, I like my corn best fresh, briefly boiled and eaten with either salt and butter or lime and chili. But if there's an overabundance I'm ok with eating it other ways as well.
  • The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest has posted its winners. If you enjoy bad writing you will love this. (The people are purposely writing poorly, it's not an accidental occurrence.) Here are my favorites: Bill swore the affair had ended, but Louise knew he was lying, after discovering Tupperware containers under the seat of his car, which were not the off-brand containers that she bought to save money, but authentic, burpable, lidded Tupperware; and she knew he would see that woman again, because unlike the flimsy, fake containers that should always be recycled responsibly, real Tupperware must be returned to its rightful owner. - Jeanne Villa (Novato, CA)
    Dorothy had reasons to be nervous: a young girl alone in a strange land, traveling with three weird, insecure males badly in need of psychiatric help; she tucked her feet under her skirt to keep the night's chill (and lewd stares) away and made sure one more time that the gun was secured in her yet-to-develop bosom. - Domingo Pestano (Alto Prado, Caracas, Venezuela)
  • I get the headlines from The Independent (from the UK) every night. They often have highly amusing headlines that I send on to Simon. Today's was "Cocaine use trebles in a decade." I had never heard the word treble used as verb. Apparently it means triples. I had to look it up in the OED because Google's define feature didn't define it in it's verb sense and you can't tell exactly what they mean by the first paragraph
  • I generally miss out on tv shows. When I was little I didn't watch tv much at all, and most of it was PBS. So since I've been enjoying NPH in How I Met Your Mother and Dr. Horrible I figured I should go back and watch Doogie Howser, M.D. Hulu had the first two seasons online and so I watched them. When I get into a show I watch all the episodes fairly quickly, so it was good when I finished seasons 1 & 2 and moved on with my life. Now, however, they have posted seasons 3 & 4...
  • Speaking of TV: I've been thinking a lot about the 2004 Olympics. This is primarily because I'm not watching the 2008 Olympics. It's not that I'm protesting China, not at all, it's a convenience thing. I don't have a tv here and I have a 40+ hour a week job. In 2004, I had just finished my job in Letcher County and I was sitting at home in front of the TV working on my scrapbook while watching the Olympics. I even remember watching the opening ceremonies with a group of college friends that I didn't usually hang out with. It's strange to think how much my life has changed since then.
That's it for today folks. I'll probably not post this weekend, but should be back to normal next week. I've got 11 more days of my internship and then it's back to grad school.

Update: I added a bonus picture for those of you who made it this whole way! Here's a picture from back in 2004 during my terms in York. This was taken from my dorm room window during exam week in April.


Simon said...

I see you were listening to NPR last night, as I was. I wonder if, once NPR hires you, your e-mail fantasies change to the Justice League of America variety.

Also, that is one of the best worst opening sentences ever.

And I want to add that those people in that picture kept me awake for the entire first term at York and I still hold a grudge against them for that.

Reid said...

Oh no! Wrong "it's" in item 4.

That's a terrible opening sentence, I agree, but it's also extremely shrewd.

Katie said...

Firefox hates me, so I'll have to rewrite my response.

Simon - I wasn't actually listening. I cheated and read it online, although I'll probably go back and listen at some point. I think that my eyes will likely never turn to the Justice League of America, but you never know. Perhaps I'll have to wait for NPR to hire me and see. I also understand your frustration with the Goodricke crew, although I will point out that it is a very nice picture if you don't know the people. Looking back at the photo, I think I liked three of the people photographed (at least one of whom was not that loud at all - Anthony who lived in the room next to you in spring).

Reid - Egads. Horror of horrors. That is why posting late at night is a bad idea. It's fixed now.

Simon said...

I will admit Tony was really nice. And I liked that I could hear him playing his guitar and singing. But that was the only pleasant noise that any of those people made!

It was weird listening to Peter Sagal NOT on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. I was like, I know this voice, but I cannot identify it in this context...

Katie said...

LOL. I have his cd and it makes me happy when the songs come on via shuffle. But yeah, the most poignant memory I have...ohhh wait. That would be a good blog post. Stay tuned for an incident involving a British dorm and very very drunk girls.

Peter Sagal cracks me up. This post in particular amuses me. He thought it was SO cool that his YouTube video from his reading at Google would have a mature content warning. Maybe I should try to snag an intern job with wait wait :/ That would be SO cool and make use of all the random news knowledge that I obtain via Google Reader.