Monday, August 4, 2008

Kenai Lake

I'm going to start posting my favorite pictures from my Alaska trip and a little bit about them. (Background on the Alaska trip. Ben was being flown up by his work to go to CVPR, a computer vision conference. Google let me take a week of unpaid leave, and I went up to join him for eight days. We were in Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, Seward, and the wild wilderness of Aialik Bay.)

This picture was taken from the Seward Highway on the way to Seward. Dad encouraged us to, at the Y, take the road towards Homer until we got to the Russian River. It was salmon season, so there were lots of fishermen, although they weren't as crazed as Dad had promised. The road from the Seward Highway to Cooper Landing goes by Kenai Lake, which turns into the Kenai river. I had forgotten what a huge and gorgeous lake this is.

First off, as you can see, it's a tropical turquoise. (The word tropical isn't really appropriate. This water is COLD!) Second of all, it's about twenty miles long. Long enough that we went by it on the way back from Cooper Landing, then drove on for another ten minutes, past other lakes. Then we turned back onto the Seward Highway, drove a bit further, and then saw it again. (See embedded map)

When I looked at the weather for the trip, it was supposed to rain everyday for the next ten days. This is the nicest rain I've ever seen!

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