Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Greetings and new post

I use Google Reader on a daily basis to read through a bunch of news and headlines, marking the ones of interest to come back to. Often I feel the need to share these with a wider audience and end up sending them to my parents, brother, Ben, or Simon the Anglophile. So I thought I could just make my own blog and link to the really interesting/bizzare/cool/crazy news of the day. I won't necessarily have read the article, but the headline caught my eye.

This isn't NPR on the hour, this is my own personal mix generally from the NY Times, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune and the wonder that is Slashdot.

Headlines for August 6
The company that makes Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath has filed for bankruptcy
Odd aside: Mr. Bubble used to be owned by Playtex :/

Fighting Crime with Text Messages

A Mountain Lion who "snatched" a dog from the owner's bedroom and then left it (dead) outside

And from Slashdot and Wait Wait Don't Tell me comes the technology mistake of the week: Don't let computers translate your restaurant for you

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