Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Multiple Blogs

UPDATE: Due to a delay in seeing a comment about how I should put all my blogs into one and the crazy out-of-control blog ambitions I have, I'm going to migrate everything to THIS blog. I'll leave up the descriptions of the sorts of things I'll be posting below, but I'll remove the addresses.

Simon, friend and commenter, was surprised to hear I had two blogs. Actually I have more. I got a little blog crazy a few weeks ago and wanted to make a public blog. Then I realized I was going to be posting on multiple topics and thought it would be nice to write distinct blogs so that if you don't care about my travels, but love my random emails with crazy NYTimes articles, you can just get those. So now I have a triumvirate of blogs and a fourth one in the making. Since this blog gets the most traffic I will introduce them here.

Wandering Around the World -
This is the blog you are reading now. I have about twenty posts waiting to be posted on this site (yes, I'm keeping a list so I don't cheat my readers out of any crazy stories/antics). The theme behind this blog is: Katie's travels. This will be a fairly picture heavy blog with limited access to the outer world (i.e. fewer links)

Katie's Pick of Daily News Headlines
This was born out of my habit of emailing a wide swath of people everytime I laughed at a headline in Google Reader. These headlines will come primarily from the NYTimes, StarTribune, and Slashdot. Unlike Wandering the World, most of this blog will be links to random weird stuff. Sometimes (often?) I may not have even read the article in question, but the premise from the headline was bizzare enough to warrant a post.

Katie's Food Blog
This will eventually get a better title. I've been thinking a lot about food this summer, so hopefully this will involve posts about food. So far I have about forty pictures on my phone of meals from this summer. I also have rave reviews of the farmers market. I don't really know what will be on here, because I haven't started posting yet, but I will post tonight.

The obvious, yet missing blogs are the choral geek blog and the HCI/Computer geek blog. When the need arises, I will add them or merge several existing blogs. I couldn't get the blog name I wanted for the techy blog, so that will be figured out later on. I will stay dormant on the music front until choir starts up again in September.

If this is all too much for you, let me know. You also might want to try out a news aggregator (like Google Reader) that is like an inbox for all the blogs you read. It lets you know when there are new posts and brings them all together in the same location. If you do choose Google reader, let me know what you think of it via email.

I initially started out with the high high ambitions of posting daily. I'm thinking this is going to turn into a post per blog per week, with more or less as I am so inspired. So tonight's post will be about food...

Because you, the reader, matter to me, I'll be watching the comments. If you are sick and tired about hearing about topic X you can either quit reading my blog or let me know that you'd rather hear more about topic Y. If you disagree (there aren't that many of you, so I'm not TOO worried), I will watch the flames be thrown around.


Simon said...

I think having them all in one place would be fun! It will be like "Here's what's happening in Katie P's head today! Surprise!"

Katie said...

That's exactly what I was afraid of. It's both unnerving for me and dangerous for you to be exposed to what's going on in my head today. There's some crazy stuff in there!