Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Addendum and York

Some of my 3 readers may question my crtisism of the kids invading the youth hostels. So, to fight off the most hardened readers, I present you with numbers.
There are over 150 beds in this hostel. Tonight there are two rooms for non-school people. One 4 bed mens room and one 8 bed womens room. That's right. A maximum of 12 beds for non kids. Less than ONE TENTH of the beds are for travellers. Tomorrow night they had no room for me (which is fine, because I was planning to stay with friends anyways, but...).(If you wonder how I am writing, I will tell you that my ipod is cranked up to max to drown out the kids waiting in line for dinner.)

I wandered about York today. City center and University mainly. York Uni still smells the same :) It looks a bit different htough. Even in Goodricke, the mailboxes have been moved. We used to have slots in the wall. Mine was the PQ slot. Then you look in the slot to see if any of the mail is actually yours. Apparently, according to Holly, they decided that perhaps it wasn't the best idea to just leave the mail out where anyone could get it. They also now have microwaves and toasters in the kitchens in A-block AND they have key card access, instead of having to type in the 5 number code. Quite amusing. I ran into Holly on the bridge between Goodricke and Wentworth and, perhaps more surprisingly, she recognized me. We chatted for a bit and she said that I should come to Glee tonight, so I'm planning to go, although I don't know if I'll go for rehersal or just for the social time.

Anyways, I'm off to track down lodging for Saturday night.

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Simon said...

The mail slots always made me giggle. Like, you could totally steal other people's mail. That would never fly here. I thought it was kind of charming. Nobody ever took my mail, and I got good mail, too.

My favorite memory of the mail system, though, was when my name was listed on the "package" sheet and I had to ask the guys in the booth for it, and they said, "Aha, it's YOU!" and I said, "Huh?" and they handed me the ketchup bottle that Matt had sent... across the ocean... just because. Apparently they'd spent half the day wondering who the hell that ketchup bottle belonged to. I probably disappointed them by being so boring. Ah, well.