Monday, June 25, 2007

Running Out of Time

My time is almost up on this computer...Just wanted to let everyone know that I am in Dundee and my talk is over (YAY). I'll post tomorrow (when I have internet again) about my crazy adventures and a recent travel saga (involving, of course, the King's Singers...whom I should NEVER travel to go see on my own). I think I might have an ear infection, but I am planning to ignore that for the rest of the day. In 45 minutes, our coaches leave for a castle where there shall be dancing. I am sure that my blistered feet will love me then.
More tomorrow.


RJ Bates said...

Great to hear that you are in my old stomping grounds. I'll be heading over that way next week, you make me miss it all!

Katie said...

Hopefully the rain will be over by then! Have you been hearing about all the flooding? It's absolutely crazy...the whole country is sopping wet. Except it's sunny here at the moment, but England is soaked!