Monday, June 18, 2007

Exeter Public Library

I am very sleepy. I am trying to not write a crappy essay, and, I believe, failing. The computer won't let me check gmail (although I can get on flickr), and CS email is down. On an up note though, it's getting brighter out and is no longer raining.

Some new pix are up...check them out. Possibly more later.

Florence at Night

Florence at Night

Italian Rice balls are GOOD!

Deep fried rice balls...mmmm!

Fried veggies and fruit salad

Fried veggies and fresh fruit (the cantelope was perfectly ripe!)


Simon said...

At first I thought Exeter was incredibly beautiful. And I'm sure it is. But after I realize that was Italy, the picture made a lot more sense.

Do you have a library card for York? I totally could have given you mine. I had to produce eight different documents and have a blood test to get that thing, so it's a shame I only used it for a few months.

Katie said...

Exeter is not Italy. I'm sticking to that. I never did get a library card. I remember borrowing yours once. It was awfully strange that the Uni library had no interesting books, but for some reason I didn't care. I don't know why I would need yours, but thanks for the offer.
PS. I tried your Thanksgiving sandwich. It was...odd :)

Simon said...

THEY STILL HAVE THE THANKSGIVING SANDWICH?! Maybe they've changed the recipe. Because mine was delicious.

You would need my library card so you could have free internet access and maybe be able to check your e-mail. I'm talking about the public library, clearly, as I think my ID card to get into the Uni library is a little out of date...