Friday, June 22, 2007

Greetings from Selby

I'm in Selby at the moment. It's a bit south of York and I'm staying with two Glee friends. I went with Clare to the Glee Concert last night and then we went to the Glash. It all made me feel quite old, really. The funny thing is that most of my MN friends are at least 3 years older than me, most of my KY friends are at least a few months older than me, and most of my Glee friends are younger (if only by a few months).
This will not be a deep post. I'm watching the British version of Jerry Springer at the moment. It's much more sophisticated (i.e. no throwing things...people just walk off when they're mad).
I am putting more pictures on flickr right now though. Tomorrow I'm heading down to Norwich for about 24 hours (or less) before heading up to the conference. Yesterday I went to Scarborough for 15 minutes. It was highly amusing, my friends I met up with for lunch thought that it was really funny. Then we played the computerized pub quiz for several hours. We really need those machines in the states. They are loads of fun.
I should probably go and get something done now though. There is no sword of Damacles here in Selby (i.e. I have more than 30 minutes on the computer) so perhaps I can finish up this presentation before heading into York for lunch.
More, hopefully, later...


Simon said...

I hope you're going to Betty's.

Katie said...

Perhaps I shall go there for a post-Evensong tea. I did stop in and buy two sultana scones the other day, but that's not really full and proper. There was no clotted cream involved.
I did, however, have two cups of tea in 12 hours...that, I belive, is a record for me. Three in 24 might be going over the top ;)

Katie said...

I made my own cream tea, cause I couldn't be bothered to wait in line and pay £ I had my own for a grand total (with leftovers) of £12. It ahd way more things as well, but I shall write about it later.