Friday, June 15, 2007

Day of Immense Proportions

Today was crazy.
Fast facts:
Distance travelled: 2, 297 km
Distance travelled within UK: 247 miles
Types of transportation: 4 (bus, train, plane, feet)
Number of trains: 6
Number of hours to get from Stansted Airport to Conwy Wales (247 miles): 8
Number of hours it was supposed to take: 4
Number of hours spent standing with backpack on: approx. 4
Number of hours slept last night: 4
Trip to Italy and Switzerland with Rachel: Priceless

Ok, so that's a little cheesy. But I wanted to present the craziness of it all. The truth is that I'm not as exhausted as I feel I should be, given this list and the fact that I'm on the verge of getting sick. I had two trains cancelled on me. One due to weather (there was a huge electrical storm in the midlands with flooding and other nastiness), the other who knows why (I caught up to it at the next stop). Rachel and I had an excellent time in Rome and wrote several sketches for PPR, which are to be recorded and mixed at a later time, due to conflicts with management.

We are also puzzling Roman transportation. If any of my 3 readers know why the Rome Metro line A closes at NINE o'clock PM and is replaced by buses until 11.30 pm, we would be extremely grateful.

Tomorrow the plan is to maybe go up a mountain (Mount Snowdon) although I've wussed out and am now planning to take the train and to try to track down the castle that Sarah works in in Bangor to see if I can find her. Other than that I also want to get a new (cheap?) mobile as Tony's is on it's last legs/dead. Perhaps more pictures later, but this computer doesn't have an accessible cd drive.



Rachel said...

aw! i like the cheesiness! it was indeed pricelesss. i've just got into chisinau and taken a shower at PC. i've got that english camp meeting to go to and surprisingly i can still stand without assistance, so i think i'm gonna go to it. just thought i'd let you know i made it back safely on here so you would get a comment.:)

Simon said...

Isn't Mount Snowdon some record-holder, like Highest Mountain in Wales or Highest Mountain in the British Isles or something? Because I think you can forgive yourself, after many days on the road, for not climbing a mountain. I mean, you're in Europe. Haven't you done enough already, that's what I want to know.

I could really be the patron saint of laziness. Good for me.

Anyway, let me know how Wales is. I really want to go there someday.

Reid said...

5 modes: you forgot quantum tunneling.

Katie said...

Rach: glad you like the cheese. It is penicillin cheese, which dad thinks can't be fuzzy. He thinks it's powdery. Was the penicillin cheese powdery or fuzzy? Yay for standing.

Yes, Simon, Snowdon is indeed the highest peak in Wales and England. I think I'll have to grab some friends to climb it with me at some point. It's not that hard (climb wise) and people with a medium fitness level are supposed to be able to climb some of the paths in about 6 hours, round trip. They have a race up it every year. it's 15 km. The fastest runners, take the same speed as the train. Craziness. Wales was quite nice. The people are, in face, quite friendly, and there is an overabundance of castles.

Reid: took me a minute to get what you were saying. I'm not quite sure what quantum tunneling is, because I forgot to download the Feynman Lectures to my ipod, but I am sure that I also traveled via quantum tunneling.