Monday, December 7, 2009


This is what happens when you miscalculate the public transportation options (none?) and how long it will take you to bike (2.5 hours) and decide to ride a bike from Leeds to Harewood to a King's Singers concert because you promised you'd sell cds (and not steal £750).


Simon said...

I love the deranged-ness in this picture. You look like you are on your way to murder people.

Katie said...

You should see my journal from later that night. I thought a roundabout had four had five. I ended up in the wrong place, almost having gotten run over. Basically it was a rough night. I had no clue at this point. At this point I was thinking. "SALT MUST HAVE SALT. Glad I bought egg mayo in Leeds. Harewood sucks. Stupid Harewood. Stupid concert at stupid girls school. Stupid bike. Stupid Yorkshire with stupid hills. Stupid Katie with stupid muscles that are weak. Stupid ankles that are about to die. FOOOD. CRISPS. EGG MAYO. Mmmmm. Sweat. Must get presentable. Must sell cds. ARGH."