Friday, December 11, 2009

Early Morning/Wet Hair Katie: Part 1

Thus begins the series: This was in Switzerland on a goat farm and I'll admit I do not look nearly enthusiastic enough about the fresh butter and cheeses as well as the bread, yogurt, museli, coffee, tea, and cocoa that were our breakfast, but I attribute it to the wet hair. (Picture by Rachel M.)


Simon said...

I want that breakfast.

Katie said...

After we go to York we can go to Switzerland and visit Origlio. Or any agriturismi. Is that the plural of agriturismo? I have decided that it is. Seriously though. One day I will have a bit o'money. And I will need a) cheese, b) gelato, c) chocolate, d) Europe, e) Football, f) England, and g) some quality time with Simon. I think this trip has the potential to meet all of those requirements.