Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pieces for John Courter's Memorial

For those of us who can't be there today, here are two of the three pieces that will be sung at John Courter's Memorial Service at Union Church today. Both feature John Courter on the organ and are sung by the Berea College Concert Choir, directed by Steve Bolster. The Agnus Dei is by Duruflé was recorded Fall 2002 at Berea Baptist Church. Wondrous Cross is arranged by Gilbert M. Martin and was recorded Summer 2002 during the Italy/Switzerland tour.

Agnus Dei
Wondrous Cross (Updated! Full version.)

Edit 2: The version of Wondrous Cross is now complete. Let me know if you have other problems with it.

Edit: Thanks to Kristina who pointed out that this upload of Wondrous Cross cuts out right near the end. I'll check my other versions tonight when I get home and hope to have an updated version (with the full piece) posted by midnight.

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