Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Common Commentators

A new comic strip by myself and Simon K. Click (and then click again) to enlarge.
Comic Strip
For more soccer/football fun, check out Simon's blog post on the England v. Germany game: Tragicomic Opera


Simon said...

LOL Treaty of Worms. That amuses me.

I suppose as a commentator it is NOT in my interest to point out that some people (such as those unlucky enough to have Time Warner) cannot watch online at ESPN3, but it is true. I would just like to say thank you to Univision for (1) free World Cup viewing, and (2) sparing me John Harkes and the excessively melodramatic British guy who keeps asking, "How are your nerves?" HOW DO YOU THINK MY NERVES ARE, YOU NINNY.

Simon said...

ALSO. I love it when they say obvious things like:

1. "They need to put the ball in the net." Oh, do they? Is that where it goes? Do they know?

2. "Both teams would really like to win this one." Because sometimes they figure, eh, what the heck, let's give these guys a break and let 'em win. It's only the World Cup.

Katie said...

Simon. Your comments crack me up. Especially 1 and 2, those are the type of comments where I start yelling at the commentators. When I moved to "watching the game" on goal.blogs.nytimes.com (liveblog) instead, it got much better. I think if the NYTimes dudes and the Guardian dude could hold a coup and take over the ESPN broadcast, that would be an epic win. Because their commentary is absolutely hilarious and awesome. As opposed to the lameness of ESPN. But, that said, apparently ESPN has improved. (see http://beki70.wordpress.com/2010/07/04/my-world-cup/ for details)

Simon said...

I like how I had subsets in both of those comments. Way to vary your structure, Simon. And I call myself a writer. HA. Anyway, if ESPN used to put up ads that blocked the ball, I guess I'll consider myself lucky that the worst I have to put up with is Harkes and ...Darke? saying incredibly obvious things. If only ESPN would switch to advertising that would block out the commentators! Today Darke referred to a goal as being "welcome." What? Under what circumstances is a goal not welcome? Name one, Darke. Name ONE.

Katie said...

Dear Simon,
I think it is a good thing that the World Cup is almost over. Otherwise I feel I would need to hold an intervention. You are getting just a little wound up about these commentators. OMG. Do you have a torch for these commentators?