Monday, August 31, 2009

State Fair: Animals and Pictures of Food

How can you not love the State Fair? In Alaska, the State Fair always meant giant cabbages and rides and winning blue ribbons. In Minnesota, if I've learned anything, it's that the State Fair means Deep-Fried-Things (preferably On-A-Stick).
Tricia is demonstrating the proper excitement to show about "Cheese on a Stick." And who can ignore the draw of "Fresh Fried Fruit On A Stick"?
But the mandatory pictures of every single thing we ate were not on my camera, so I cannot share that with you today.
The Star Tribune gave out Bacon Balm Mmmm tasty!
Sadly this was instead of the map of the fair on a stick with the best food (and newest food-on-a-stick) identified. The lack of such a map made food finding much more difficult than prior years. But the bacon chapstick eased the pain.

I've been to the MN State Fair three times before, but I've never really looked at the animals before. This time I was looking through the eyes of Simon. Alpacas!

Sheep are stupid! They eat their cages.

The lamb lead, it turns out, is a lamb showing competition crossed with a fashion show. The lamb in the foreground is wearing several necklaces. The girl made her own wool dress. She's 13.

This is some breed of chicken called a silkie. I found online where the breed is described as "An oddity of oddities of the poultry and pet world."

And this breed of chicken looks like a teenager who's refusing to cut his hair.

This rabbit looks like my old Himalayan cat.

Join us next time for art and butter at the Fair! Or food. Which ever comes first.

Edit: I'm trying out new blogging software, so for the moment, you can't click on the photos and see larger versions. They can be found in this picasa album. I'm still not sure what I think of the software. I'm looking for a better WYSIWYG editor than blogger provides. Ideas? Anyone?


Reid said...


Simon said...

LIVESTOCK!! Ooooh I'm so happy you took pictures of all the animals, particularly the alpacas (of course) and the silkie chicken. I've never heard of such a thing. Fascinating.

I wish I were there with you! Next year! I'm sure I will have lots of money by next year! Of course no amount of money could make me eat anything on a stick, but I'm still fascinated by the phenomenon.

Bacon Chapstick: not right.

Ivan said...


Simon and I are committed to attending the MN State fair next year. Please arrange a bacon giveaway for 2010.

Katie said...

I love that all three of you used all caps for your first word(s).

Reid - OK!!!!!!

Simon & Ivan - Next year it is. There will be beds/showers available as well as a minimal amount of non-fair food. If you schedule it for labor day weekend you can be here for a) Prairie Home Companion, b) Minnesota Public Radio day at the fair and c) my birthday. All very important.

Simon - I think you doubt the power of things on sticks.

Ivan - Will this do? It's not free, but it sure is bacony.

Simon & Ivan - DO NOT FEAR. I have four Bacon Balm Mmmm tasty!'s in my position. I'm sure they can find their way to you...