Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, it's the middle of August. I've gotten a handful of cherry tomatoes and harvested three full size tomatoes this morning, some of which went on my breakfast tomato sandwich, the first of the season. (Er...this was a week ago.) (Also, I was proud that my morning breakfast was 98% local food. All local except for about 1/4 teaspoon of sugar...) The beans are apparently not dead, but they're starting to grow and I have some zucchinis coming soon.

Where, you might ask, have I been? Well, dear readers (all five of you - Mom, Reid, Erin, Simon, & Ivan- If there are more, please let yourself be known!), I have been on vacation and then sequestered in my office or in a corn field in Iowa. So I give you pictorial & literary proof of my travels.

I flew to visit my parents and brother in early July and embarked on a five state, two province, 2400 mile road trip with my mom to visit relatives & Simon.

Exhibit A: In which my mom and I crash (not literally) at Simon's house and I get to meet Ivan and spread bacony joy. If you are confused, I am in fact Simon P. In most situations, I do not come prepared with bacon. Although I just discovered bacon chapstick exists, so that may change. Here, Simon and Ivan, of fame, attempt to chip off pieces of bacon caramel. (The image is blurred to protect Simon's bacon-hating privacy)
Exhibit B: In which my mom and I go to Parliament Hill in Ottawa and at the Changing of the Guards, they play La Marseillaise (among other tunes) and not O Canada!

Exhibit C: In which mom and I go to Montreal,
Obviously this is me in Montreal. Can't you see that everyone around me is speaking French?
eat bagels (with and without cheese),

and see the native Montreal people, who are apparently quite tall during the Just For Laughs Festival.

Part Two coming soon...


SapphireCrab said...

Hey! What about me? Also, I'm glad your garden is doing so well. (Also, also...first!!)

Katie said...

OH NO! And Gina, Who is usually silent, but I conned out of the woodworks this time! I will make you a virtual butter tart so that you know I'm sorry! Obviously my audience isn't as small as I imagine it in my head :)

Reid said...


Simon said...

You posted! Ottowa and Montreal look like so much fun! I should really go to Canada some time. It can't be more than three hours away, so I have no excuse. I think I went to Toronto once in sixth grade. But other than that I haven't been back. I blame Lake Ontario. Why is it so big?

Also: Thank you for protecting my bacon-hating privacy :-)

Katie said...

Reid - sorry to say, but the third comment can't be "First!!!" Try again.

Simon - I did post. I'm trying to be more frequent. Funny thing was I thought I'd posted this 12 hours earlier than I did. I hit the wrong button. I'm awesome like that. You should go to Canada more. Ottawa and Montreal are much closer to you than Toronto and more exotic. However they also don't have bacon cupcakes, that I know about. That might be a plus for you. Lake Ontario is much less in your way going to eastern Ontario/Quebec than Toronto. Maybe next time I'm there I'll drag you along. If you have a valid passport that is.

Simon said...

I make it a priority to have a valid passport at all times. In case I need to quickly leave the country...