Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FLICKR pictures

I haven't written much about the hiking trip yet, but I finally got all my pictures uploaded. They can be found at

If you're patient, my next task is actually labeling them all, so they make some sense.


Anne said...

Wow - the blue sky and red rock was phenomenal. Beautiful photos. The only pictures missing were of Katie Panciera - hmm? Do any of the group have some good photos of you that you can send to your mom and dad to prove that you were really there? Thanks for sharing these, Katie.

Katie said...

Glad you enjoyed them. Other folks have been slowly posting their pictures on flickr. Reid is working on a trip report, but more urgent is his paper deadline, so I wouldn't expect the other for a few months. I haven't looked at Ben's photos yet, but I'm sure he's got some of me.

Reid said...

Katie's mom: we have many, many embarrassing photos of Katie and those will be published presently. Do not worry.