Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rogue Rice Pudding

I haven't died, nor have I written the promised Bible post for y'all. But I did have a talk with my mom about how she thinks I should write higher quality posts instead of apologizing all the time. So here's a short one for my mom.

I just got home from choir. I was excited because I had found myself a ride to the Amtrak station at 7am, saving myself 30-45 extra minutes on the bus or waiting around downtown. But Ben appeared to not be home. Then I heard clinking and cluttering in the bathroom, but the lights weren't on. Ben insisted that he didn't need the lights to brush his teeth. Then he kept dropping something, so I switched on the light. Then he dropped his toothbrush into the toilet, making it the second toothbrush since April to fall into the toilet.

That as a stand alone incident isn't that funny, really. But then the microwave started beeping at me and I got mad at it and went to take out the rice pudding that I'd heated up. It was in a nice 1 cup ziploc container. Somehow the rice pudding JUMPED out of the container and ended up on the edge of the microwave half fallen out. So what did I do? I ran to the rescue of the rice pudding. I grabbed it in my hand, ran to the cupboard and threw it into a bowl. It was burning my hand. Then Ben came in and I explained that I had just thrown the rice pudding across the room to save it. Hysterical laughing from both parties ensued. Not so random aside: the rice pudding was made in under an hour from dry rice in the rice cooker. It worked out well, if you ignore the crunch in the currents that expired 1.5 years ago.

Now we are using video chat across the room. It makes funny echo noises.

I really shouldn't keep writing my conference paper tonight. I should obviously go to bed. Or pack. Or something. But to keep the conversation going, I will ask you this: What would you do with rice pudding gone rogue?


Simon said...

I have no idea, but I love that you threw it across the room "to save it." It made me laugh.

Katie said...

Ben was highly amused by that as well. He didn't see how it would have died by sitting half on the floor of the microwave and half on the shelf. But it would have. I assure you.